History and Background


The Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation was formerly referred to as the Philippine Funds for Little Kids, which started as a national movement in late 2010 to help children who had to swim to get to school and who lived in the mangrove village of Layag-Layag, Brgy. Talon-Talon, Zamboanga City.

The Philippine Funds for Little Kids started out as Zamboanga Funds for Little Kids. The idea behind it was to pool individual little funds to help these nearby children get to school safe and dry. . . by providing them with a yellow school boat.

From the first boat that was turned over in March 2011, we have built more than 4,600 yellow boats to bring more children safely to school while their parents use them in between to improve their livelihood. Each boat has the name of the donor painted on the side.

Aside from the yellow boats, we have since branched out to building and maintaining a daycare center, building classrooms and schools, dorms, providing scholarships, providing school bags and other school supplies, conducting medical/dental missions, and empowering the community as a whole through applicable environmental and livelihood programs.

We are also now present in 129 communities around the Philippines – the Philippines being an archipelago composed of 7,107 islands.

What started out as Zamboanga Funds for Little Kids – with the simple idea of pooling our own individual funds to help these children get to school safe and dry – became a national movement with the establishment of more “little funds” all over the country.

And what started out as simply building Yellow School Boats for swimming kids has become much more as we realized that there are more children and families out there who need boats and other interventions if we are serious about securing them a better future for our children.

We are also known as the Yellow Boat Project and have incorporated as the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation.