Helping Filipino kids through quality education

Approximate costs (depending on location & logistics) of items you can donate as of August 2016. *Note: US citizens can donate in the U.S. to receive a tax deduction (see below for details).

Small School Self-Paddle Boat PHP 10,000 US $191.79
School Boats (15-20 Students) PHP 95,000 US $1,822.02
Small Motorized Boat For Adopt A Fisherman PHP 55,000 US $1,054.85
Motorized Boat PHP 195-210,000 US $3,739.93 – 4,027.75
1 Classroom PHP 1m US $19,179.13
2 Classrooms PHP 2m US $38,358.27
4 Classrooms PHP 3-3.5m US $57,537.40-$67,126.97
Dormitory PHP 1.2m US $23,014.96

Thank you for donating to help bring excellent education to our wonderful Filipino children . . . they are our future, and we are committed to adding quality to their lives in very special ways. Our role is to help bridge the gap between poverty and education and fill it with hope. Education is hope. Education is their way out of poverty. We have two major areas of commitment:

1. To ensure that each child in the Philippines has access to excellent education, through the provision of satisfactory daily access to school, excellent teaching, exposure and broadening of opportunities, and being free from financial worry about one’s livelihood of the family.

2. To ensure that this quality education is provided among local communities in a self-sustaining process, such that our continued active intervention in the communities will not be required after five years of project commencement.

To donate to the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation, fill out the form and you will automatically be redirected to our online payment partner – or you can send a bank deposit to us – see the details below.

Peso Account

Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation, Inc.
Banco de Oro – Mayor Jaldon Branch Zamboanga City
S/A no. 003170134579
BDO swift code BNORPHMM


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Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation, Inc.
Banco de Oro – Mayor Jaldon Branch Zamboanga City
Account No. 103170148588
BDO swift code BNORPHMM


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*Donate in the US for IRS tax deduction

We now have the Yellow Boat of Hope-USA, a 501(c)(3) – whereas a U.S. taxpayer, you may donate and notate as a tax deduction.

Account No. 7804993074
6001 Topanga Canyon Blvd.
Woodland Hills, CA 91367


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