Senator Bam Aquino, Senator, 16th Congress of the Republic of the Philippines – “Among the group’s many inspiring stories, what touches me the most is the compassion of its volunteers who selflessly came together to provide not only boats to school children, but hope for a brighter future to the next generation of Filipinos.”

Harnin Manalaysay, Club 8586 Inc. – “The Yellow Boats and our Kariton Klasrums are siblings birthed by their mother Hope! One pushes to bring education to the children and the other one floats to bring the children to education!”

Jim Gomez, Associated Press – “The story of these poor children, who have to swim to school each day and back, really broke my heart. There is something to be said about a society that allows this depth of deprivation to continue to stare it in the face each time. When I heard about your group of volunteers going out of the way to lend these helpless young dreamers a hand, when I heard that you were helping build yellow boats so they’ll be dry and beaming when they step into their classrooms, I felt a renewed sense of hope. This selfless act of yours made me more confident that some decent Filipinos will always step forward somewhere when our desperate people extend their hands to be pulled from the desperation and neglect that have shackled them for so long.”

Usec Rizalino “Lino” Rivera, Undersecretary for Regional Operations, Department of Education – “Yellow Boat of Hope … This initiative’s name speaks for itself. For indeed, it brings hope to many learners and many of our countrymen hope. With these yellow boats our once isolated or difficult-to-reach brothers and sisters are able to reconnect to the larger society and have greater access to services and opportunities. With that, what was one’s perceived limited future has now been changed to a world of possibilities, dreams, and yes, hope.”

Francis “Kiko” Dee – “The Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation takes doing ordinary things with extraordinary love to heart. With their yellow boats bringing schools closer to them, these kids are that much closer to achieving their dreams and hopes.”

Chris Linag  of Juan Portrait – For them, boats symbolizes HOPE

JoPen Cuneta – Wall Street Journal  – “Be a partner in hope. Read the moving story of children of an island community in southern Philippines which for more than a decade have been swimming to school, books held above their heads. Ride the YellowBoat for an hour. It will change your life.”

Jose Ma. Montelibano – “It has not been easy keeping up with the accomplishments of the Yellow Boat initiative because the passion and perseverance of its leadership has been relentless. I can only anticipate there is more to come.”

Chris Wharton TEAM RUBICON – “I watched a video. I am the hardest person I know. My heart melted, I saw visionaries, I saw purpose, I saw grit and determination and I saw a simple human act of kindness turned into a mission and a goal. The Yellow Boat of Hope is more than a good idea, it’s the future of humanity. Man helping man . . . coz it’s the right thing to do. We will all die. Do not die being the only person you have ever helped.”

Dianna Jean Callejo Cruz – “Through the YBHF programs, I have witnessed the sustainable efforts of the organization through its partners and donors to empower our fellow Filipinos by continually providing education, livelihood, and values formation.”

Kesz Váldez – “Championing Community Children is very happy to support Yellow Boat project because it spreads hope to children everywhere.”

Francis Kong – Philippines Foremost Inspirational Speaker – “When I talk about the Yellow Boat Project many of the participants in my seminars reveal that they are clueless as to what it is all about. But when they see the video of kids swimming their way to school and swimming back from school that scene never leave them and it’s impact on them is long-lasting. It is an inspiring story of hope and a depiction of our country’s determination to succeed. I can’t help but be inspired.”

Usec Mario A. Deriquito – Department of Education – “We know that not all young learners out there have ready or easy access to school. In far-flung communities, young learners have to wade through rivers, or even swim to the next island, just to be able to attend classes. Sa tulong ng YBHF, wala na sanang batang kailangang lumangoy para makapag-aral (With the help of YBHF, we hope there will no kids who need to swim just to get an education.)”

Jaime Lopa, Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation – The sacrifices these kids make just to go to school is unbelievable. Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation is proof that good prevails, that dreams can come true. The volunteers and the people behind the foundation are truly inspiring. I pray they continue to turn dreams into realities with the work that they do.

Rapa Lopa, President, Philippine Business for Social Progress – Sometimes the complex problems of our society can be solved by the simplest solutions if only we take time to open our eyes and better understand the challenge that needs to be addressed! Kudos to the movers of the Yellow Boat project for bringing hope to many of our less fortunate youth and families with whom they have sailed!

Judy Simpson Vorfeld – “HOPE is infectious, whether for Yellow Boats, Yellow Dorms, Yellow School Buildings, etc. HOPE is bringing joy. And relief.”