3 Yellow Boats for Badjao Floating ES in Malamawi Island, Basilan!

6 March 2019


 March 6, 2019

March 4, 2019: Turnover of 3 boats to Badjao Floating Elementary School in Malamawi Island, Basilan, through the missionary zeal and initiative of Fr. Martin Ele. Thank you Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation for the continuous support and partnership. – Anton Mari H. Lim Jay Jaboneta Jocelyn Mirasol Cherrie May Lim

How can you say NO to kids who simply want to go and finish school to break out of poverty? How can you say NO to Claretians missionaries who are such humble and effective partners on the ground, who wants nothing but to show God’s love to those who need it the most? You can’t just! During scenes like these, I am always reminded about what our first yellow boat community leader Abs Mawadi said to me when i asked what the yellow school boat means to him; “The boat is much more than just a means our kids to reach their school faster, safe and dry; it meant that finally Allah finally heard our prayers and that brings us new hope that things can only get better from now on.”

I have always believed that the hardest to see but the easiest to give when there
so much darkness around is HOPE! Sometimes the most complex of problems requires a very simple solution….A yellow boat of hope filled with love and care. That is why all our boats have these 2 words printed on the sides BAGONG PAG-ASA or NEW HOPE! Thank you to TOM’S WORLD for empowering us in ensuring no kid is left behind! Thank you also to Nadine Bernardino and Fathers Martin Ele and Lorenzo LarryJocelyn Mirasol for being making all these possible! #HopeSails

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