22 February 2017


 February 22, 2017

Support Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation Adopt-A-Fisherman Program, providing livelihood to boat-less fisherman so that their kids can go, stay and finish school.

Please take a look at an amazing Facebook video that gives pictures and details of needs and how you can help fulfill them. No kindness is too small not to be felt.

Partners and Friends in HOPE building, the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation first launched the ADOPT-A-FISHERMAN project to support and help Yolanda (Haiyan) affected communities. Help us help them recover their livelihood after the disaster by providing boats so they can go fishing again, support their families, and send their kids back to school. And help us support these disadvantaged families after the devastation of Yolanda and later typhoons. The needs are everywhere!

The cost of a self-paddled boat ranges from Php8,000 to Php15,000 ($200- $350) depending on the community.

A motorized boat costs between Php20,000 to Php30,000 ($470 – $800). Donate now: http://yellowboat.org/

US Efforts:

San Francisco – http://sfprojectyellowboat.com/about/


One of our lead implementors and God’s gift to Yellow Boat of Hope! Power couple Richard and Grace Arambulo! Thank you very much for your selfless service! Truly hope sails because of you.@yellowboatph @yellowboat #HopeSails Richard-and-Grace Arambulo#HopePaddlers

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