Aurelia Castro captures beauty of Monreal, Masbate

Photographer on visit to Masbate

Photographer on visit to Masbate

In introducing a new, delightful video that includes one of our Yellow Boat Communities. Anton Mari H. Lim,  co-founder of the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation, says, “I am so happy that lives of Mababoy Fishermen and their heroic kids have improved! looking at the video makes everything worthwhile and inspires me to work harder so that no kids will be left behind! Thank you Aurelia Castro and Justino Cabarles!

We invite you to watch the video, produced by Aurelia Castro, who says, “I enjoyed Phuket and its emerald seas when I was there some years ago. But how could I miss a treasure of nature like Monreal – its emerald water, beautiful sunrise and sunset, and rock formations sprinkled all over the place? Quite a sight to behold. For a moment, I thought I was somewhere else, but no, I was right in Masbate, my home province.”

As you view this charming video, you will be taken to the area where the Masbate Funds for Little Kids started. Many people from around the world pitched in to provide funds to help schoolchildren in this charming community. Our thanks to Aurelia Castro and Justino Cabarles for the tour!

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  1. Justino Cabarles says:

    Gets homesick each time these kids are mentioned…