6 April 2015


 April 6, 2015

UP CIEM helps Navotas Funds for Little KidsReport by volunteer  Therese Denelle Pangilinan regarding Navotas Funds for Little Kids:

Thank you Bag 943 for the cool and awesome bags that were given to these kids here!  Surely now, learning can truly be more fun. Your gifts not only brought upon smiles, but also gave hope that these kids have people supporting them and believing their dreams of having good education. –UP CIEM

Navotas is a city in the Philippines located north of Manila. It is dubbed as the “Fishing Capital of the Philippines” because the livelihood of many of its residences were derived directly or indirectly from fishing and its related industries. Navotas is politically subdivided into 2 districts, with a total of 14 barangays.

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