18 November 2015


 November 18, 2015
 Posted by Che Ingles in Facebook on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Last Sunday, I met Mang Norberto. He is a resident of Bagac, Bataan. He himself is a poor man, but he gives all he could to make sure the students who live in Sitio Salaman can safely reach their school in the faraway town of Saysain.

When I made the video about the story of the 10-year old boy, Ian, I thought it was bad enough that children have to cross a river on foot and hike up a mountain to get to school. I found out in my interview with Mang Norberto that when the tide is high, the little ones–tiny boys and girls much younger than Ian–cannot cross the river on their own. Good thing Mang Norberto is always there to save the day!

Real heroes do not always need super powers to do heroic things. But they sure could use some help.

Here is our mighty hero’s story and how YOU could be a part of it.

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