Bataan families get 111 Yellow Boats & 110 Engines!

14 January 2016


 January 14, 2016

Che Ingles, Co-implementor Bataan Funds for Little Kids

Finally! The turnover! Thank you to all HopePaddlers who donated 111 yellow boats and 110 engines! You have just given 110 families “BAGONG PAG-ASA” new hope and ensured no kid is left behind! This is part of the Bataan Funds for Little Kids, and we encourage you to watch this  amazing, charming, inspiring video made by our own Che Ingles, Co-Implementor of Bataan Funds for Little Kids.

That’s Che sitting on the yellow boat in the picture above. Here are her comments on the video:

In cooperation of, Republika ng Filinvestor Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation Bag943 (Be A Giver) PLUS SIDE, Bagac, and Integrated Development Alliance (telling a story), donated funds to build 110 yellow boats to the fisherman of Bagac, Bataan on January 6, 2016.

Out of 110 boats, the majority came from the hardworking, kindhearted people who make up Republika ng Filinvestor. In this video, you will see not only the happy recipients, but also the even happier givers–Filinvestors, Filipinos from various countries all over the globe who, while already working abroad, still go out of their way to give back to the nation.

I was there with my team to cover the event, and even though I was able to witness it live, I still felt overwhelmed while I was editing this video.

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