Boats: motorized, paddle, plus 40 engines!

Getting ready for turnover of yellow boats of hope Palawan Funds for Little Kids latest update on the Yellow Boat projects:

March 8, 2015. Twenty (20) Units of Motorized Boats (MB) are now ready for Launching\turnover, with twelve (12) more units of MB in the making now about to be completed, and also eight (8) units Paddle Boats(PB) also ready for Launching/ turnover, with five (5) more units of PB about to be completed.

40 donated engines for yellow boats of hopeForty (40) Units of Kenbo Engines of 7.5 horsepower sent from Manila by Dr.Anton Lim have arrived  in Coron, Palawan, of which twenty (20) units of its kind had been transported to Calaiut Island. Engines are now mounted in boats platform with other accessories (shafting, cross-joint, fitting, etc.), in preparation to launching/turnover on March 15,2015.

Complete pictures will be posted very soon when mounting and marking of all the boats is completed.

Palawan Yellow Boats of HopeThanks to the benevolence of Dr. Anton Mari H. Lim of Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation, Dr. VJ Ibay and the Good Men and Ladies of MetroBank Foundation – Bagong Pag-Asa, for all your goodness and everything, for making the realization of our dreams possible  during days of difficult challenges in life. More power to you ANGELS and CHAMPIONS OF THE POOR in real life and may God Bless you all always.

Thanks, Doc J. Pio L.LLedo, Tribal Chieftain (Apong Daculo)-Calauit Island, Busuanga, Palawan.

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