Cebu Funds for Little Kids leads powerful activities!

Bancasan Elementary School KidsThe Yellow Boat of Hope – Cebu Funds for Little Kids in partnership with Project NOWTBUKS conducted a recycling GO GREEN activity in one of the Yellow Boat Communities in Northern Cebu last January 31, 2015. The activity was held at Bancasan Elementary School in San Remegio. This is in line with the celebration of YBH-CIS Week Without Walls.

Recycling is one of the actions initiated to mitigate the destruction caused to the environment by excessive and improper consumption. Consequently, a lot of recycling approaches are introduced in order to widen the scope of combating environment obliteration.

Bringing the Kids Go Green banner (Project NOWTBUKS (NOW is the Time to Build Up Kids for Sustainability) is a collaborative initiative conceptualized and run by Industrial Engineering students of CIT University that nurtures young minds on how to think, live and stay green inculcating in the kids their vital role in preserving and protecting the environment through engaging them in a simple activity as transforming scrap papers and other materials into utilizable notebooks — the eco-notebooks.

The workshop is intended to teach the students their vital role in mitigating the destruction of environment and offer them a convenient way of protecting the environment. The workshop activities are interactive in nature and conducted through group dynamics. The ultimate goal of this workshop is to deepen the knowledge of the students about their vital role in the course of the environment. Furthermore, the workshop also aims to transform young minds to become eco-vanguards, practicing ways of preserving and protecting the environment.
Thank you PROJECT NOWTBUKS for sailing with us!

Lead Team at Bancasan Elementary School ActivitiesTo the right you’ll see the team who took the lead in the distribution of YBH bags and the recycling Go Green activity at Bancasan Elementary School, San Remegio, Northern Cebu last January 31, 2015, says Mark Allan Palanca, Co-Lead Implementor Cebu Funds for Little Kids & Daanbantayan Funds for Little Kids. Yellow Boat of Hope bags and school supplies were distributed/given to the 227 students of Bancasan Elemenrtary School (from kinder to grade 6) in San Remegio, Northern Cebu last January 31, 2015. San Remegio is one of our Yellow Boat Communities.

Thank you to our San Remegio local partner Jepti Baril Villaguarda and to Project Nowtbuks headed by Kristan Ian D. Cabaña and Mary Rose Arnejo! Thank you for sailing with us. Thank you to the principal and teachers and also thank you to our supportive donors.

CommentsBancasan Elementary School by Roxie Murillo Herrnaez: 15-Jan 31st Kids of Bancasan Elementary School in San Remegio Cebu holding their Project Nowtbuks ECO-NOTEBOOKS & Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation BAGS during a collaborative endeavor with Cebu Funds for Little Kids. Amazingly, theses photos has become my source of euphoria for today I can only conclude this to be God’s work.

Way back 2011, I have started following YBH thru its chief storyteller Kuya Jay Jaboneta & admired its quick widespread progress in empowering Filipino communities & yearned to learn much more from its best practices. That was also the year we started Project NOWTBUKS (NOW is the Time to Build Up Kids for Sustainability) of Cit Ie Council. Seeing our shared inspiration – the Filipino kids – I have since dreamt of future partnerships with YBH. And now it happened after 3 years of longing!

YOU HAVE TO TRUST THAT THE DOTS WILL SOMEHOW CONNECT IN THE FUTURE and let the younger generation connect it for you! This collaboration was realized because of Cit Ie Dept’s younger batch of leaders who succeeded our roles. I must commend the genuine effort of present PN Headmaster Mary Rose Arnejo & passionate leadership of CIT IE Council President Kristan Ian D. Cabaña and the exemplary commitment of our student volunteers for this event and of our partner community leader Jepti Baril Villaguarda. What a way to culminate January 2015, guys! I must say meeting & even working with Kuya Mark Allan Palanca through Sir Alein Navares was one of the incredible things God allowed to take place last year!

There’s always the child in me who has learned to dream big yet find real pleasure in small significant stuff – that usual naivety that keeps one ultimately happy!

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