5 February 2017


 February 5, 2017

January-February 2017. IT’S CEBU INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL WEEK WITHOUT WALLS! Donating sea bus for students of Bohol, 5 paddled boats for Fishermen of Talisay, 12 chairs and 3 tables for YBH Learning and Feeding Center in Mandaue Dumpsite, plus cookies for the kids. It was a blast!  And then announcing another project:   AMALOY – We are happy to announce that another Yellow School of Hope will soon rise in Amaloy, Ungakaya Pukan Basilan.

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After theYellow School Boats of Hope here comes Yellow School of Hope to cater to the growing number of learners at Amaloy, Basilan. So thankful for the trust given by our donors. Special thanks to the Philippine Army Engineering Brigade for treading where no contractors dared to tread! Thank you Maike and Jenny Silver! It’s Cebu International School Week Without Walls!

And from the school:

Day 3 Yellow Boat of Hope Team

“I liked the part when I get to interact with the children and also the people of the community. What I like is that I get to distribute them cookies as well as to talk to them. I get to talk to the children who are still in preschool and get to know some of their names; Nate, Mary Jane and Justin.

It is important to help these children because they do need help. I am a fortunate person since I have the necessary needs in order to pursue life. But most of the people from the Dumpsite does not have the necessary needs in order to pursue life so we must at least show that we respect them and care for them despite the status gap.

As a CIS student I could either join the Yellow Boat of Hope again next year so that I could meet them again and help them again or I could form my group and reach out to impoverished communities” Dong Ha Choi G9

“International-mindedness is a view of the world in which people see themselves connected to the global community and assume a sense of responsibility to its members. It is an awareness of the inter-relatedness of all nations and peoples, and a recognition of the complexity of these relationships. Internationally-minded people appreciate and value the diversity of cultures in the world and make an effort to learn more about them.” Dr. Chris Muller

And more from the school — with Stéphanie Larrandabure and 3 others.

This morning our K-12 Principal Dr. Mockrish highlighted the service work of the Elementary School during the Week Without Walls. Last week our students hosted 40 students from the Guadix Kiddie Center, the third time this year the school engaged in this outreach program. For the second year in a row our now fourth graders worked on a yellow boat project in collaboration with a school in the US. And starting a new project this year, the third through fifth graders built desalinators for an island north of Bantayan.

While talking to the students Dr. Mockrish stressed the importance of giving back to the community through sustainable projects. Finishing the assembly a ceremonial planting of seeds of hope was led by our CAS Coordinator Ace Pierra. Every student planted a tree seed according to their school house teams. Once the seeds grow into trees the plan is to plant them around the Cebu community on Earth Day in April. Enjoy some of the pictures from today’s ceremony.

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