Chinese General Hospital adopts YBH Foundation!

22 September 2018


 September 22, 2018

Diwa Diwata says: Internal Medicine Specialists, Doctors and Interns of the convene together every two years for a night of fellowship and celebration. This year was made even special because CGH invited the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation to be part of the event and has become a beneficiary of CGH’s generous hearts! #ToThinkIsToCreate And you know what is even more touching? This big organization has kindhearted leaders from Zamboanga City! GOD IS GREAT! Another humbling encounter, when I got to the venue, it warmed my heart to see the founder of the YBH set up the booth himself with the help of the Beagiver Founder [Josh Mahinay]. Alongside in the company of young volunteers who joined us share the stories of children who need to swim to go to school. The journey to building hopes continue! #HopeSails Thank you CGH IM Family!!! 

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