CIS G10B Class raises funds for fishing vessel & sea bus!

13 June 2017


 June 13, 2017

A note from Katie Sheffield, educator, Cebu International School:

KatieSheffield-AcePierraAt the beginning of the school year, the G10B homeroom class decided that they would like to celebrate everyone’s birthday with a cake. However, 500 php for each cake seemed quite expensive. Since we had sold left over drinks and snacks from a class party at the end of the previous school year, we realized that if each student gave 200php and this money was used to buy snacks, then we would raise the rest of the money for our class parties.

The little in-class “Sari-sari” store was so successful, that we raised enough money for all the birthday celebrations in only the first month! Around the same time, the students were talking about their Week Without Walls projects. A time spent in service to other people and how they felt that they should be doing a service project that was sustainable and involved more than just fund raising.

The Activity Coordinator visited the class and showed the projects that CIS currently supported. Students felt that they could make a meaningful contribution to “The Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation.”

Over the school year, the store (apart from cake funds) raised enough money to buy a small fishing vessel as well as a motorized sea bus. The boats were painted by the class and the students who joined a trip to San Remigio, who also contributed to the Yellow Boat funds. We hope the fishing boat will sustain at least one family and the sea bus will mean any students will no longer have to swim to school.

At the end of the school year, 10B is delighted to announce that enough funds have been raised to add an additional boat to the little flotilla.

Thanks to everyone who supported the class this school year. We truly hope to see this positive initiative continue into G11 and 12.


You will be missed Katie Sheffield! You are an inspiration to us, to your students and to the people around you. Thanks for preparing and pushing your students to become good citizens of this world. Wherever you will go, take care and we wish you all the best in your new journey. The project you left with the Grade 10 students is your legacy here in YBH and here in Cebu. Hope will always sail!…Ace Pierra, Activities and Sports Director, CAS Coordinator at Cebu International School and co-lead implementor of Cebu Funds for Little Kids.

Thank you Hope Paddler Katie Sheffield for all the things you have done for YBH and for loving the people of the Philippines. Wherever you will find yourself, KEEP PADDLING! See you around! We will miss you!…Doc Anton Lim, Co-founder Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation.

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