Co-founder of YBH visits Facebook and meets Zuckerberg in person!

29 September 2018


 September 29, 2018

A single Facebook status can make a difference, says Jay Jaboneta, co-founder of the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation.

I still can’t believe that it’s been 8 years since the first time that I shared the story of the kids who have to swim to school. Excited to represent the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation in September at the first Facebook Community Leadership Program! #Facebook4Good #HopeSails


Sept 26: Finally saw Mark Zuckerberg in person! Excited about what’s going to come out from Facebook and Oculus on AR/VR in the years to come!

With the introduction of #OculusQuest, I believe Oculus completes the first generation of VR headsets per market segment. I love my #OculusGo, its mobile, stand-alone and gets the job done most especially in streaming videos. #OculusRift is a great immersive experience but its hard to setup and move around with. #OculusQuest solves this key challenge. At $399, its a steal! I wonder what happens to #OculusRift prices once Quest is out next year. Congrats Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook and Oculus!

My favorite #OC5 keynote this morning is by Michael Abrash, chief scientist at Oculus. Today, they finally confirmed they are working on AR too. He expects #VR to be mainstream in 5 years. I believe it will be less than that.

Trying out #OculusQuest. The future is here! Forget wires and forget PCs!


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