Cogon Elementary School, Lila, Bohol receives gifts!

18 November 2018


 November 18, 2018

I was reviewing the videos sent to me by our Bohol team and in one of the clips, Engr. Albert Uy said, “Kaning amoang gipanghatag karon dili ni gikan sa amoha, but sa Ginoo [These bags we are giving to you are not from us, but from the Lord]”.

When you realize that you are just but trustee of the things you have, giving becomes a natural expression of your gratefulness to our Creator.

We are very inspired by your family Joy Angeli Uy. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your generosity.

Cogon Elementary School
Lila, Bohol
October 16, 2018
Total Beneficiaries: 73

Bohol People’s Lumber Corp.
Herbert Malmis General Merchandise
Belian Hotel

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