3 March 2018


 March 3, 2018

Founded in 1981, the Filipino Student Society of Wayne State University also known as FIL-SOC is a social-ethnic organization that provides a networking base for people of Philippine descent and others that are interested in learning about the Filipino culture. We welcome anyone who would like to join us in our journey to share our culture and language in hopes of maximizing unity and progress in our society.

Recently, we have just had our Philippine Culture Night (PCN) which was used to showcase Filipino culture in terms of dance, music and a play to showcase who we are as Filipino Americans and how much it means to us that we have a Filipino organization at our respective school.

Through our efforts in the Philippine Culture Night we were able to donate $850 to Yellow Boat of Hope as our philanthropy project this year. We wanted to give back to the people of the Philippines and when we found your organization we wanted to help out! No one should have to struggle that much to get their education and we wanted to help out as many kids as we could.

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