27 November 2016


 November 27, 2016

By Che Ingles

Che InglesRomblon has a very special place in my heart.

Life could be tough for a person who does not have formal education.

Rosela and her husband know this all too well, both of them born into poor families, both unable to finish school.

Now with a family of their own, with very limited options for livelihood, they are still trapped in poverty.

However, poor as they may be, they do everything in their power to keep the children in school. They may not have had good education, but they woulnd’t allow their kids to suffer the same fate.

PEARL, the second child in a brood of three, is paraplegic, Her lower extremities are paralyzed. She couldn’t walk. To be able to move around, Pearl goes on all fours and crawls.

To get her to school, her mother, Rosela, carries her from their little home on top of a hill down to the high way. Pearl’s school is over three kilometres away from where they live, but they are so poor they could not even afford tricycle fare.

PearlBut Rosela refuses to give up on her dream for Pearl to graduate. Every day, she sits Pearl on her wheelchair and pushes it all the way to school. After classes, she would again walk that same distance, push the wheelchair with Pearl on it, climb uphill with Pearl in her arms.

Because of Pearl’s condition, Rosela could not work. She sells snacks and tiny trinkets to help augment the family’s income. Her husband is a fisherman, but he didn’t own a boat. A portion of his measly sales from his catch, he had to give to boat owners.

After September this year though, fortune finally smiled on this little family.

Through the generous donors of the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation, Pearl’s father received a boat, which he now uses to earn money to keep his children well-fed and in school. The boat that went to Pearl’s family is courtesy of one individual–Ms. Paula Pajarillo Pe Benito. 🙂

Every Yellow Boat is more than just a means for transportation or livelihood—it is a tool that people could utilize to be able to turn things around for themselves and their loved ones.

Now, in this house atop a hill in the small town of Sta. Maria, hope shines bright where there once was despair.

This is what a single Yellow Boat could do. Imagine what progress , what positive change, 100 Yellow Boats could bring to the 100 families in this coastal community.

100 is the number of boats we are targeting to bring to Sta. Maria. To date, we are building 30 already. Please help us raise funds for 70 more! To donate, visit the website of the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation, http://yellowboat.org.

Thank you and God bless you all!

To see a video of Pearl, click here!

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