First Yellow School of Hope on Stilts!

6 September 2018


 September 6, 2018

It seemed impossible until we tried! Our first Yellow School of Hope on stilts is now fully operational. Thanks to our lead partner Claretian Missionaries and lead implementor Hope Paddler Fr. Martin Ele for his passion and determination in seeing this project through. We are one with the Claretian Missionaries in ensuring no Bajau kids is left behind. Thank you to all our donors and hope paddlers! #HopeSails

stilts1 stilts22 stilts21 stilts20 stilts19 stilts18 stilts17 stilts16 stilts15 stilts14 stilts13 stilts12 stilts11 stilts10 stilts9 stilts8 stilts7 stilts6 stilts5 stilts4 stilts3 stilts2

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