Fulfilling Dreams One Shoebox at a Time: New Partnership!

22 October 2017


 October 22, 2017


October 5, 2017: Press release

“Although headquartered in Metro Manila, My Dream in a Shoebox has become a nationwide movement of organizations and individuals who are passionate about equipping the next generation for a brighter future.Through the joint commitment of partner organizations and volunteers, the impact of My Dream in a Shoebox has grown exponentially through the years.

“For its ninth year, My Dream in a Shoebox is dreaming bigger, aiming not only to equip 75,000 kids with school supplies but also to furnish more communities with facilities that are conducive for learning. With this goal in mind, TeamAsia and IBPAP are calling for partners who would help realize this vision.

“My Dream in a Shoebox is off to a great start, having collected 7,236 shoebox pledges as of this month. It has also inked partnerships with organizations that want to help fulfill children’s dreams in unique ways. National Bookstore has signed its partnership with My Dream in a Shoebox for the third year, agreeing to sell packs of school supplies to donees for a discounted price. Moreover, My Dream in a Shoebox is collaborating with the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation for the first time to deliver school supplies to more remote communities in the country.”

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