Generator, 2 boats, bags, books & school supplies for Mambacayao Island!

3 July 2017


 July 3, 2017

From Ace Pierra:

On our way to the island with no low tide, Mambacayao Island! Together with the Black Pencil Project, we are donating”
– one set generator
– two yellow school boats
– bags and school supplies
– books


Pierras Mambacayao9 Mambacayao8 Mambacayao7 Mambacayao6 Mambacayao5 Mambacayao4 Mambacayao3 Mambacayao2 Mambacayao1

And see how they welcomed us!

M-welcome5 M-welcome1 M-welcome2 m-welcome3 M-welcome4

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