17 January 2017


 January 17, 2017


Everything worth doing begins with a heart full of compassion.








The students of Miriam College Child Study Center have always been involved in activities that are geared not only towards learning, but towards helping others. Since 2014, the students have been creating simple business plans for the annual CSC Christmas Bazaar. Aside from planning the big idea, products, target consumers, price, marketing, etc., the business plan is special because the children themselves decide which community would be the beneficiary of this endeavor. This was not simply a business venture but a fund-raising endeavor to help make other children’s lives better.

This year, the children sympathized with the children of Zamboanga City who have daily struggles of going to school by swimming across dangerous rivers just to attend school. In partnership with the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation, the Child Study Center geared all efforts to be able to raise enough funds to buy a school boat for transporting children to school.

Weeks before the Christmas Bazaar, the Kindergarten and First Step children created products to be sold at the bazaar: hand-painted pouches, sling bags, eco-bags, shoe bags, magnets, even pots with succulent plants. Special yummy treats were also prepared by the Nursery children for the Christmas Bazaar. The children understood that the more products they sold, the more funds they would get to be able to buy a school boat for the children in Zamboanga . They put every effort to make every product special and to invite family and friends to patronize their products. The children even went to the different offices at school to promote the CSC Christmas Bazaar.

On the days of the CSC Christmas Bazaar, the children sold the items themselves – even encouraging other patrons to buy their products for a very good cause. Through the goodness of the hearts of everyone who supported the CSC Christmas Bazaar, the students raised enough money to buy not only one school boat, but two school boats. The target goal was even surpassed through helping hands and generous hearts.

This has been a joyful and grace-filled experience for the children, teachers, and parents of Miriam College Child Study Center. It has been a worthwhile endeavor where every effort, no matter how small, could make one’s heart grow bigger with compassion. When hope floats, hearts soar.

Mobsy Cariño
CSC Principal

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