16 May 2015


 May 16, 2015

Jason Keith, of Yellow Boat of Hope USA, was up and running when – as a member of Team Rubicon – he and Southern California team members got the call to respond to the devastating earthquake in Nepal. They quickly packed first responder kits and other essentials and flew east. Jason is one of Team Rubicon’s disaster management professionals.

On May 8, he said, “Touchdown Team Rubicon 2nd wave at kathmandu nepal, after nearly 30 hours of travel.” They almost immediately got to work. Unfortunately the airline lost Jason’s first responder kit and other items intended to sustain him while helping the people of Nepal.”

Photo of Kathmandu taken 9 May 2015 by Jason Keith of Team Rubicon and before the second earthquakeOn May 9, he posted a picture of Kathmandu on his Facebook page, saying “Before stepping out downrange while there is some wifi, beautiful sunrise in‪#‎kathmandu‬ ‪#‎nepal‬.”

On May 12, Jason (a U.S. Marine Corps veteran) says, “Lucky enough to get a signal out here in nepal, we just got hit again with 7.4 earthquake. The team is safe.” Facebook Safety Check says, “An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 struck 50 kilometers east of Kathmandu, Nepal, on May 12, 2015, according to the United States Geological Survey. Tremors were felt throughout the region. This was the second major earthquake to affect the area this year. A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck on April 25th.”

Learn more about Team Rubicon – Intro to Team Rubicon article on its website:

Team Rubicon
“The news hits— thousands of casualties, thousands more injured or missing as a result of a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal. Amidst the online clamoring here in the States, dedicated members of Team Rubicon immediately pulled together an ISR (initial situation report) for a potential international relief operation.

Volunteer tents near Kathmandu May 16, 2015 Just a view where we stayed in Sermathang taken by our very own TR Ghurka.“Less than 36 hours later, a recon team was en route to Kathmandu. Soon after, additional teams followed to conduct impact assessments and medical operations.

“So what does it take to get a highly capable team of doctors, logisticians, UAV specialists, and disaster management professionals across the country to provide aid in an area devastated by disaster? A lot more than you’ll ever read about in the news.”

And here’s the link to the article.

Yellow Boat of Hope is honored to have a Team Rubicon member as one of its key facilitators. And there are many more Yellow Boat supporters who are helping the people of Nepal – in various ways – to restore their lives. When volunteering meets hope, miracles happen.



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