Kids from two Cebu islets swim to school!

The Yellow BBarangaySubaoat of Hope Foundation is sharing this message from Clifford A. May, who asks for help in obtaining yellow boats for kds from two islets in Suba, Bantayan, Cebu. Here is the message:

“Good evening, I am Clifford A. May, Barangay Chairman of Suba, Bantayan, Cebu. Mam Leah Bugtay of the Islamic Relief World informed me that your foundation provides boat for those students who swim to school. Here in our barangay we have two islets wherein some students live there.

“Sometimes they fail to go to school, or they come to school late, or sometimes they sacrifice to walk or swim on the water just to be in school because some of them do not own a boat and some, their parents use it for fishing to earn a living that’s why they are forced to swim or walk. Our barangay wants to help them but sad to say we have no sufficient budget in providing a boat for them. I am hoping you can help us with this situation. Thank you very much.”

Who will help these kids travel to and from school in Yellow Boats of Hope?


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