4 June 2015


 June 4, 2015

Photo of Yellow Boat of Hope, one of 11 given to fishermen of Malapascua, Northern Cebu

“Eleven YBH boats were turned over to the fishermen of Malapascua, Northern Cebu,” says Mark Allan Palanca, Co-Lead Implementor Cebu Funds and Daanbantayan Funds for Little Kids.  “These boats were donated for their livelihood so that their kids can go to school.”

This activity is part of the Yellow Boat of Hope’s Adopt-a-Fisherman program to help replace fishing boats lost during devastating typhoons.

Recipients of the 11 donated YBH boats in Malapascua, Northern Cebu:

1. Carlo Ginaro Pepito
2. Redil Punay
3. David Moreno
4. Steban Mecarsus
5. Andrio Morano
6. Ronie Loberas
7. Fernando Morano
8. Arnel Amarelia
9. Jessie Oriesga
10. Erwin Mecarsus
11. Jojo Aballe

Thank you to our local partner Jay Julkipli for identifying the recipients. Thank you to all the donors!

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