Manobo Tribe: Project Beneficiary

26 August 2015


 August 26, 2015

This from Agusan Funds for Little Kids:

YBH project beneficiary is the Manobo Tribe in Agusan Marsh Wildlife SanctuaryAugust 23. Thank you once again to Englicom DLSU and Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation for helping Dayaw Kalinaw – Philippine Youth Ambassadors of Goodwill sail the boat of hope going to Agusan Marsh and to reach the Manobo kids!

The 3 paddled boats have now been painted and are ready to be transported to Panlabuhan Elementary School in Agusan Marsh. Thank you very much for your support and understanding. As most of us are situated in different parts of the country, we are highly relying on the logistics and coordination capacity of the local community.

Thank you once again, Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation and to Be A Good Apostle Community.

YBH project beneficiary is the Manobo Tribe in Agusan Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary

MANOBO TRIBE: The Project Beneficiary
May 1. Dayaw Kalinaw sails to the Manobo community in Agusan Marsh for the inauguration and turnover of the yellow boat for Manobo kids!The Manobo Tribe is one of the most numerous ethnic groups in the Philippines that is highly concentrated in Mindanao. Manobos either live in the high lands or near bodies of water, thus the name “river people.”
The Manobos living in Agusan del Sur consist of roughly six percent of the total population of the Manobos in the Philippines. They live on floating houses on Agusan Marsh built from bamboo and nipa lashes, and hard wood logs, which rise and float depending on the level of the water in the marsh. The Manobo community became isolated due to the vast marsh water surrounding them.


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