22 August 2016


 August 22, 2016

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The Dela Torre family has been living in the states for almost 14 years now, says Darla May Dela Torre’s mother. Our family migrated from Baguio City and Atok Benguet. We are currently living in the Northern California, Bay Area. Don and I have 4 kids, 3 girls and 1 boy. We both work in a hospital. Our oldest is aged 23 and girls- 22, 21 respectively and then 10- who is Darla May.

Daniel who is the oldest, recently graduated in Architecture at SLU- Baguio City; Sacha is a full-time working student working at an International School at the Bay Area as an assistant tech and enrolled to become a student in a medical school here in Northern California; Deian- also a full-time working student and enrolled in a medical school as well, and Darla May- who wants to become a professional golfer someday.

Darla May has been playing golf since the age of 3. She has been competing all over California since age 4. She joins the US Kids Golf Tournaments in the Bay Area, is a member of the Youth On Course, and recently played with Future Champions of Golf. And her recent win brought home a World Golf Title at a World competition held in Palm Springs, among many accolades she has achieved at her 10 years. She also has passion for school as evidenced by multiple certificates for perfect attendance and she’s in the honor roll list of her school every year.

It would be an honor for her to be an Ambassador of Hope for the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation. It will be so cool to bring awareness to these places we get invited to play because we know we can advocate for more people to get involved with the foundation so we could build a stronger community in the future.

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