MSYCF-Cebu sponsors bankas for Kinatarcan fishermen

31 January 2017


 January 31, 2017

K1K2KintarcanIslandNorthCebuMSYCFI with The Social Company’s Jason and Irha Atherton joined the ADOPT A FISHERMAN program by donating bancas for the livelihood of fishermen in Kinatarcan, Sta. Fe, Cebu Province!

Fr. Noel blessed the boats for safe fishing! The familiy who will receive the boat will find ways on how to feed his family right and send his kids to school for education. To get the “feel” of boating, Irha and Jason Atherton went boating ; and so with Jamafe Zamora and Monette Alino of MSYCFI! Chris and Carla Mckowen joined the team.

The MSY Charitable Foundation is an NGO established in 1991. It is a non-profit, non-sectarian, and non-political Philippine charity which helps educate and heal.

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