16 January 2017


 January 16, 2017

May13The following are excerpts by Doc Anton Lim and John Chua, who, with a group of other education advocates went on an adventure into Ifugao. One of the places they visited was Mayoyao. Some of the photos you’ll see are courtesy of John Chua’s drone camera. They covered so much ground and gave away so many items for the teachers and children of Chaya Elementary School. They visited other areas in Ifugao, but this piece is about Mayoyao…bits and pieces from these committed leaders.

DOC ANTON LIM: So many times when we do bag drives or give school supplies to the kids, we forget their teachers who have their needs too. I am glad to be able to share through Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation and Bag of Dreams Project of Bag943 (Be A Giver) 10 teacher’s kits to the gallant teachers of Chaya Elementary School in Mayoyao in Ifugao. Each teacher’s kit contains multi-colored pens and markers, box of chalk, lesson plan, umbrella and a bag. Principal Lourdes said it’s the first time they received something from anyone. Thank you Uncle Mon Corpuz of BlackPencilProject and Tarlac Funds for Little Kids for opening my eyes and for making this happen! #HopeSails even in Ifugao!

JOHN CHUA: As they say. We are all in the same boat ( in this case … jeepney. ) to change the world. On the way to Mayoyao.

Anton Mari H. Lim of the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation… Josh Mahinay of Bag of Dreams, Mon Corpuz of Black Pencil, John Chua of Photography With a Difference ( PWD ) and Jason Keith of Yellow Boat of Hope, USA.

The Chaya Rice Terraces in Mayoyao… where we did our advocacy at the Chaya Primary School.

Drone Sunrise in Mayoyao

Mayoyao Rice Terraces (Mayoyao) – This spot is 44 kilometers away from Poblacion, Banaue. This Poblacion of Mayoyao lies in the midst of these rice terraces thus upon arrival in the town, one is awed with a breathtaking view of the rice terraces where all the dikes are tiered with flat stones.

Ifugao was formerly a part of the old Mountain Province. It was created as an independent province on June 18, 1966 by virtue of Republic Act No. 4695, otherwise known as the “Division Law of Mountain Province”. Under this law, Mountain Province was divided into four (4) provinces namely: Benguet, Ifugao, Kalinga-Apayao and Mountain Province. Ifugao culture is some 3,000 years old. Dubbed as the “8th Wonder of the World” is the Banaue Rice Terraces which is the most well known of Ifugao’s terraces. Among the other popular terraces in the province are the Bangaan, Batad, Mayoyao and Hapao rice terraces.

To learn more about Ifugao, click here.


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