PhilStar features YBH Foundation in article on WWW

On March 16, the Philippine Star ( featured the Yellow Boat of Hope Project as writer Micah Levin Isla talked about the changes brought about by the World Wide Web. His article: Change the world in 5 minutes. “While much has been said about the negative effects of the Internet (and how the digital space has turned into a breeding ground for entitled whiners, ruthless trolls, and narcissists),” says Isla, “we cannot deny how it has become a significant catalyst for social change.”

There is no doubt about the effect of Social Media on the exponential growth of the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation. Facebook alone is host to many of the Yellow Boat communities, where leaders can upload comments and photos of needs and progress. Isla says that as you go online today, “remember that you can always choose to be an agent of change.”

You can make a profound difference in the lives of many unique people who need a helping hand. Or boat.

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