22 May 2017


 May 22, 2017

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Arnulfo B. Pierra Jr, Co-Lead Implementor Cebu  Funds For Little Kids

Wonderful things took place in Cebu earlier this year! Awesome weekend here in Cebu!

Turned over 5 boats for fishermen of Talisay (thanks to Maike Silver, Mario Arana and Ana D Arana, and CIS Yellow Boat Team)

2 sea buses for the students and teachers of Bagonbanwa Elementary School, Bohol (Thanks to Jenny Silver and Plantation Bay Elementary School USA, CIS Grade 4 Students with Ms Karissa Thompson and Yellow Boat of Hope USA),

11 fishermen’s boat for the fisher folks of Kintarkan Island North Cebu (Thanks to MSY Foundation)

Thanks to Jayma Julkipli and Mommy Julkipli for preparing our sumptuous lunch.

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