Sitio Lipata, Caramoan YBH community, benefits from many givers!

16 December 2018


 December 16, 2018

Windel-AlvarezSo many things to be thankful about at Sitio Lipata, Caramoan Yellow Boat Community. Because of the support of our local implementors and community led by Uncle Windel Alvarez and generous sponsors and partners, our dream of bringing education to where the learners are is closer to reality. We have completed the 5 YBH-ALS BANGKARUNUNGAN boats needed to serve the 16 sitios, built a permanent and typhoon resilient YELLOW SCHOOL OF HOPE which will be an extension multi-grade elementary school, an ALS learning and testing center for kids and adults, a TESDA livelihood training center and an evacuation center for the kids. Today, we will also turnover the 5 SMART SCHOOL IN A BAG (Smart Communities, UST HS Batch ‘69 and YBH Ambassador of Hope Carley Peeters), 500 solar lamps from   realized from the sale of BE THE LIGHT shirts, 100 Lock and Lock Baunans from it’s BUY ONE GIVE ONE BAUNAN CAMPAIGN, additional 2 motorized BANGKARUNGNAN boats from FILINVEST INTERNATIONAL and BEAGIVER and CONVERGYS. To top it all, local community is very thrilled to have VP Leni Gerona Robredo to join us for the formal turnover of the above to our communities.  because you CARE! Glory and honor to HIM!

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