Slippers for Concepcion Sur Elementary School pupils!

23 January 2019


 January 23, 2019

“No one has ever become poor by giving”.
-Anne Frank ??????? Thank you so much ma’am Carol Siy for sharing your blessings to the kids of Concepcion Sur Elementary School. Advance Happy Birthday and more power. May your celebration on the 24th be filled with happiness and blessing and all throughout the year. Long life and God bless. Thanks YBHF for giving hope to the CSES kids. Really HOPE sails!! #HopeSailsSlippers5 Slippers6 Slippers7 Slippers8 Slippers9 Slippers10 Slippers11

Yehey!!! Another treat for the pupils of Concepcion Sur Elementary School from a benevolent birthday celebrant. Thank you so much for chosing the CSES to receive these slippers. May the Lord continue to bless you on your birthday. We have nothing to give you in return but a million thanks. #Hopesails

Slippers1 Slippers2 Slippers3 Slippers4

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