Soon: First YBH Floating School at Caramoan Island!

30 January 2017


 January 30, 2017

New motorized boat coming to carry quality education to the out-of-school youth and adults of Caramoan

From Doc Anton Lim:

YBH is excited to listen to the stories of our ALS heroes, the kids and their parents at Caramoan Island. We will soon be turnover over our first Yellow Boat of Hope Floating School to serve the 15 sitios and barangays around the area. Hope Paddler Windel Alvarez, here we come! Thank you to our lead implementor and partner Windel Alvarez and boatmaker Tatay Antonio delos Santos for your hardwork! Thank you SANTA 16 for making this possible!

I love it when stars align and God gives his go signal-everything just fall into place!

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Alternative Learning School mobile teacher Windel Alvarez came across one of Yellow Boat of Hope videos and decided to message YBH and YBH USA pages with his concern.

“As ALS implementers, one of the greatest challenges is reaching our learners in island and coastal areas wherein the only means of transportation is through a motorized banca. There is no regular trip everyday so we have to rent a banca to reach those areas, whose minimum boat rentals is 2,500 for a round trip. At present, i am serving 7 island/coastal barangays with 7 sitios. The farthest barangays take almost 2 hours boat trip. During our literacy mapping, we have seen the great interest of our learners in seeking aid in their livelihood through education, so it is our responsibility to provide them their needs.

In this regards, i would like to ask from your good office a motorized banca to help us facilitate my learning sessions in those barangays. I would like to dub it “BANKARUNUNGAN”, for the boat will represent my quest to carry quality education to the out-of-school youth and adults of Caramoan. If realized, this would greatly benefit our learners because i could visit my learners more often and i could bring along stakeholders and other facilitators of educations that could help make their learnings more meaningful and productive.

Thank you so much and More Power!” – Windel Alvarez

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It was also about the same time that Lars P Jung-Larsen and wife Franka were hosting a Christmas Dinner and decided to use the occasion to raise funds for 1 big motorized Yellow School Boat for us.

After a few weeks for verification and survey, we will have our first YELLOW FLOATING SCHOOL named SANTA 16/YELLOW BOAT OF HOPE #BANGKARUNUNGAN which Caramoan boatmaker Antonio delos Santos will build. The 10 meter long with 22hp powered motorized boat will reach out to Caramoan Island 18 coastal barangays and 7 sitios. It will serve 400 kids and their parents. YBH will equip the boat with learning tools and aid to make learning fun and conducive!

Turnover is scheduled 2nd week of February 2017!

Thank you #HopePaddlers for empowering us to achieve our mission of ensuring “NO KID IS LEFT BEHIND!”

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