Teacher Nur-aisa Jarah Anilon talks about Literacy...Education, Hope...and more!

24 January 2019


 January 24, 2019

Sharing from Teacher Nur-aisa Jarah Anilon, our lead implementer at Amaloy Yellow School of Hope-

Education is very important for every individual. It enables a person to become literate. As literacy refers to the ability of a person to read and write. The learning & knowledge that every person can have is the key to its success. But why there are still people who doesn’t know the importance of it?? Simply because people have different mindset (alam ko na alam nyo na perceptions nila ) but come to think (?) How it feel to be in that situation. So be thankful and be blessed. Don’t blame but encourage them. Be an inspiration. Poverty is everywhere and some might suffering from it. With the help of YBH-foundation unti-unti po natin binago at babaguhin ang pananaw nila sa buhay and give them HOPE that through EDUCATION nothing is impossible.

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