4 November 2016


 November 4, 2016

amhl-2016 Jay Jaboneta josiah-go

Six years ago, something magical happened in the Philippines: the founding of the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation. It started with just a few people and quickly took on a life of its own, embracing and including many who became (and others who are in the process of becoming) leaders.

From Jay Jaboneta, co-founder of Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation on October 30, 2016: “6 years ago today, the story of the swimming kids from Layag-Layag was shared to me. This is the most important lesson I’ve learned. If you want to bring change, people must become part of it.”

For co-founder Josiah Go, November 1, 2010 stands out in his memory. He sent out this Facebook post: “Jay Jaboneta told me some kids in Zamboanga need to swim daily to get to their school, am kicking off with a P5,000 donation so they can buy a small boat, may I ask generous people to follow please? Donation will be acknowledged and will close Nov 8. Remember Jesus Christ in these small kids.” 

And co-founder Anton Mari H Lim says, “Today we mark the official first day of Yellow Boat of Hope when Uncle Josiah Go responded to the post of Jay Jaboneta. In my talks, I have always mentioned that every great story starts when someone choose to care! To all the donors, partners and hope paddlers from our 79 yellow boat communities nationwide THANK YOU for your generosity and hard work!”

Lives have changed and improved at many levels in many communities, and generosity and encouragement have gone viral. The children being educated today are watching as others sacrifice to give them purpose. Who knows what works they will do along their paths of life?

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