7 January 2017


 January 7, 2017

Tongkil Funds for Little Kids coordinator and educator, Nuridja Abdulbaki, says, “THANK YOU VIKINGS GROUP AND ARN for helping us ensure no kids need to swim to get to school. To YBHF and all the DONORS we OWE you in realizing our greatest dreams…May almighty ALLAH BLESS you always…In a WORLD of living with this WONDERFUL PEOPLE whose HEART never be in doubt to give SMILES to us. This AMAZING PEOPLE who created the path to show us HOPE into REALITY, like what we are doing and having right now. LUUK TONGKIL E/S is so grateful to have you, sharing help to one another for welfare of the SCHOOL CHILDREN. We OWE you much YBHF in realizing our dreams. HOPING that you will always be there making DREAMS come true.Not only for us but also for the other schools…”

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