19 July 2016


 July 19, 2016


graphic for Tongkil Funds for Little KidsAnnouncing the birth of our TONGKIL YELLOW BOAT COMMUNITY at Sulu. It will be our southern-most community. The Tongkil Funds for Little Kids will be looking after our Yellow School Boat Project. Teacher Nuridja Kalbi and fellow teachers at LUUK TONGKIL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL will be our lead implementors. We are currently building 15 self paddle boats so that kids without boats don’t have to wade in the water. YBH hopes with the boats more parents will be encouraged to sent their kids to school and absentee/drop out rates will fall dramatically! Congratulations and‪#‎HopeSails‬ Welcome to the YBH family!

Here is the original message on the YBH Foundation page, and as of July 23, we have 15 yellow boats named and paid for: “Ma’am Nuridja Kalbi Abdulbaki, newly appointed teacher-in-charge of LUUK TONGKIL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL lost all hope about finding help for help students. But after hearing over the DZRH radio about the Yellow Boat of Hope. Her hope was rekindled. She immediately messaged and sent pictures about how her students from Sitio Saingsingan and Sitio Bansahan needed to wade in water for 2.5-3k one way just to get to school. Boats are scarce, and are often needed and used by their parents for livelihood or to put food on their table. 51 students belonged to families with no boats of their own. We are in the assessment stage but hope that you could help us by donating self paddle boats to us. Each boat cost phP10,000.00 each. We need about 15 boats.”

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