21 April 2015


 April 21, 2015

Michelle De La Cruz, USC Grad Student“I couldn’t believe that this girl made a indiegogo.com page for her birthday 2 years ago to donate boats to a YBH community,” says Jason Keith, human dynamo and event coordinator for the Yellow Boat of Hope USA. One of the fascinating people he met at YBH USA’s first fundraiser was Michelle De La Cruz, a grad student and faculty assistant at USC.

She shared an amazing experience: “Two years ago I was touched by how one shared experience impacted an entire community and began a call to action. For my 27th birthday, while I spent my birthday away from family and friends, I answered that call and asked them to turn my birthday wish into a donation of hope for the children of The Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation. In a month’s time my family and friends raised enough to build 4 yellow community boats!!

“I am so excited for YBH’s new partnerships and how much this foundation has grown and evolved in these last few years.” In endorsing the April 18 fundraiser, she said, “I hope you all can make it out to continue the great work YBH does!!!” – Michelle De La Cruz

Michelle aspires to apply her management and developmental skills into a new arena of social work by providing struggling non-profits/NGOs with the resources and best practices needed to better their organizations in order to better serve their clients. A 2016 MSW Candidate, she is the daughter of First Generation Filipino Immigrants and an older sister to a 2nd Lieutenant of the US Air Force. Although very nomadic (she grew up in San Antonio, TX, completed her BA in Sociology at St. John’s University in Queens, NY, and worked in Sweden for two years), she doesn’t know where she’ll eventually end up. 


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