14 April 2015


 April 14, 2015

Logo for Agusan Funds for little kids, a joint project of he 41st SSEAYP- Batch Dayaw Kalinaw and Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation Inc.We invite you to visit the Official Fan Page of the Agusan Funds for Little Kids, a program of the 41st SSEAYP- Batch Dayaw Kalinaw and Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation Inc.

Background: Filled with lessons and valuable experiences from the 41st SSEAYP, the Philippine Contingent takes home inspiration to translate their SSEAYP involvement into something that would benefit the Filipinos, especially the marginalized groups, to whom the advocacy of the contingent is centered on. To materialize this, Dayaw Kalinaw came up with a project centered on providing access to the basic needs of an indigenous people community.

Project ACCESS (Aiding Cultural Communities, Enabling Sustainable Societies) aims to create a mechanism that will provide access to basic necessities of the Manobo Floating Community at the Agusan Marsh. The project was conceptualized with an end in mind that the provision of access to the community will be an impetus to its overall growth and development, which would then be crucial in the preservation of their identity as a cultural entity.

The Partnership: Dayaw Kalinaw has sought partnership with Yellow Boat for the provision of community boats for the Manobo floating community within Agusan Marsh. The community is in dire need of boats that would transport schoolchildren to and from their school and would enable Manobos to have easy access to basic goods and services in nearby towns.

Due to limited boats, Manobos are unable to easily get out of the floating community to acquire their needs. Since the community is surrounded by water, resources are limited only to those that can be found in water areas. Children, likewise, have limited means to travel from their respective houses going to the floating school due to lack of service boats for them. Boats, therefore, are of paramount importance to the ease of mobility within this floating community, which could improve the attendance of school children and enhance the economic activities of the Manobo people in the area.

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