8 April 2015


 April 8, 2015

Peter Barrios Magpayo who  is a leader in the Brgy Talon Yellow Boat CommunityWelcome to the lead hope paddler for BRGY TALON YELLOW BOAT COMMUNITY uncle Peter Barrios Magpayo. YBH will initially build 6 self paddled boats for the community so that the kids and their family will have their own boats to go to school in, and their parents can use it for livelihood in between!

Stay tuned as this new Yellow Boat of Hope community grows!


And a big “Thank You” to the HARLE FAMILY for the donation. The 6 boats will be named:

  1. Kurt Harle
  2. Volker Harle
  3. Dagmar Harle
  4. Laura Harle
  5. Anne Pavek
  6. Virgie Vosotros

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