4 October 2018


 October 4, 2018

What is a Yellow Dorm of Hope? In a country where there are not much opportunities, education is the only way to break the cycle of poverty amongst the poorest of the poor. In some remote areas of the Philippines, kids need to trek for long hours over dangerous ravines, muddy trails and rivers just to get an education. Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation works to make it easier for kids to go, stay and finish school. Know more about us please click: www.yellowboat.org

And click here to see a video of one of our Yellow Dorms of Hope

Thank you very much Sumilao National High School -Vista Villa Annex principal Mr. Edgar Macabayan for visiting our Yellow Dorm of Hope at Buayan NHS to learn about how the program is being implemented from no less than our YDH Chief Inspiration Estrelita Peña. YBH through Angat Buhay and Rotary Club of Makati will be building its 6th Yellow Dorm of Hope for high school kids who need to hike long hours to get to school.

dorm1 dorm2 dorm3 dorm4 dorm5 dorm6 dorm7

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