YBH thanks New Zealand & Filipino donors for 10 motorized boats!

9 April 2015


 April 9, 2015

10 motorized fishing boats part of Yellow Boat of Hope Adopt-A-Fisherman projectMia Mae Rose Española Apostol: Iloilo Funds for Little Kids announces the launching of 10 motorized fishing boats for the fisherfolks of Brgy. Manipulon, Estancia, Iloilo.

Watch a brief “thank you” video from Iloilo on YouTube:  A simple thank you message for all our sponsors here in the Philippines and abroad (New Zealand) who helped and supported us in our “Adopt A Fisherman” and “Yellow School Boat” project for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda.

Thanks to Order of Asclepius and AMSA-WVSU for helping us during the inauguration.

KOOKIE: Beneficiary Joseph Cabrillos
ANGELA PAULINE: Beneficiary: Juanito Azuelo
VINCE CHRISTIAN: Beneficiary: Jimmy Cabrillos
ICELAND: Beneficiary: Josephine Medel
EMPLOYEES OF JJF – 2, NZ: Beneficiary: Diosdado Santo Ely
EMPLOYEES OF JJF – 1, NZ: Beneficiary: Ernesto Santo Ely
JHON & JHON FARM BASE 1: Beneficiary: Dionesio Cabrillos Jr.
JHON & JHON FARM BASE 1: NZ: Beneficiary: Dionesio Cabrillos Jr.
SOUTHERN SAILOR, NZ: Beneficiary: Noel Penagonda
CAPTAIN CANTERBURY, NZ: Beneficiary: Eddie Salve

Mia Mae Rose says, “I share this success through the efforts also of my teammates Rachel Ann Catague, Mitz Serofia, John Conrad S. Carlos, Christian Gudaca, Benson Panaguiton and Jovian Lily Pimentel.”


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