23 June 2015


 June 23, 2015

Josh Mahinay of BAG943 and Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation with two soon-to-be-relocated children Isla Pulo community as it becomes uninhabited Isla Pulo community as it becomes uninhabited Isla Pulo community as it becomes uninhabited
Chenille Bernardo Masangya, Lead Implementor Navotas Funds for Little Kids and lead implementor in the Isla Pulo community, explains why our yellow boat community is moving:

The families are being relocated to a housing project located in Barangay Tanza as well. The relocation site is just a 10-minute boat ride from Isla Pulo. And they will still be using the boats given to them by the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation.

The reason why they are relocated is that Isla Pulo is included in the danger zones. The relocation site is a safer place, though it is still near the ocean. The houses are granted to them for free. And they now have access to water and electricity.

They are starting new lives in their new homes with a more hopeful, sustainable livelihood because of the boats given to them. The children are becoming healthier because of the new environment, and they can sleep comfortably as well. They also become more inspired to go to school.


NOTE: the first photo is of Josh Mahinay (with a couple of residents), who says “Woke up today at 3am to visit Isla Pulo, an adopted community of ‪#‎BAG943‬‪#‎REPUBLIKANGFILINVESTOR‬ ‪#‎YellowBoatOFHopeFoundation‬ ‪#‎UPCIEM‬. 70 families were already relocated to a safer place, and with better living conditions. The remaining families in the island are savoring the time and memories left before they’ll finally say goodbye to a land that both sustained and endangered their lives.

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