13 January 2016


 January 13, 2016

Turnover of Yellow Dorm of Hope to Kabasalan National HS also with presentations of BAG943

Early in 2015, we had a special occasion: Today marks another very special day for the Sibugaynon Kids, as we TURN OVER the New Building of a YELLOW DORM of HOPE in Kabasalan National High School. Donated by Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation. thank you very much to all the wonderful Donors who made this Dream come True.

Our Yellow Dorms of Hope is serving its purpose!!! The dorm is in Kabasalan National High School, and the lead implementor is Sibugay Funds under Estrelita Peña:

“Hello to our Dearest Uncles Anton, Dexter, Elson & Andre, and Ate Maeann. Yesterday I was able to attend the KNHS Yearly Stakeholders reports, and I am happy to inform you all the that our Yellow Dormitory & Bahay Sagip had terminated the Drop-out percentage of students last year 2014-2015 school year, an as for this year, the school encountered a Drop-out percentage of 0.2% from a more than 1000 plus students. But the good is that the Dormitory had help so much in reduction of the Girls student by almost 0%. Kabasalan National High School is so much thankful to YBH: Sibugay Funds for Little Kids for the success of its Project to save student from being DROPPED OUT of the School  and the head of KNHS is so proud to inform everyone of this…and she is always happy to inform other School heads that only KNHS has 2 Dormitory for boys & girls that is saving poorest students from dropping out… KNHS turnover 6 Certificate of Appreciation to the Uncles and Uant of SF4LK.”

Yellow Dorm of Hope Kabasalan National High School
Yellow Dorm of Hope Kabasalan National High SchoolThe very energetic & Guapitos Man behind with Black Shirts are behind the success of SIBUGAY FUNDS FOR LITTLE KIDS: YELLOW DORM of HOPE in Sibugay.Yellow Dorm kids New Year Treat at Jollibee thanks to Dexter Wee TsangYellow Dorm of Hope Kabasalan National High SchoolYellow Dorm of Hope Kabasalan National High SchoolYellow Dorm of Hope Lead Implementor Estrelita Pena


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